Break out your Halston and get your booger sugar ready, Studio 54 is coming back, baby! No, seriously. After finding success this summer with its Studio 54 radio station, the folks over at Sirius XM have gone and rented the famous disco's original location (now a Roundabout theater) for one night only. Come Tuesday, October 18, Studio 54 will rise again. And some of the original team are even taking part—just don't expect bosses Ian Scrager or Steve Rubell.

According to Sirius the team coming together to recreate the magic for "one more night" include:

Karin Bacon, Studio 54 entertainment producer; Scott Bromley, Studio 54 architect; Marc Benecke, Studio 54 doorman; Myra Scheer, assistant to former Studio 54 co-owner Steve Rubell; Chuck Garelick, Studio 54’s former head of security; Scott Taylor, Studio 54’s former bartender, along with other insiders.
Original Studio 54 DJs Nicky Siano and Leroy Washington will recreate the atmosphere, spinning the iconic era’s dance classics. Celebrity guests, some from Steve Rubell’s master call list, along with some lucky Sirius XM listeners will be in attendance for an exclusive chance to go back in time to the internationally renowned club.

It is unclear how much this walk down memory lane will cost but one big sign that the evening won't be just like it was back when Liza and Andy and Bianca and everyone else was there? The whole thing will be broadcast on Sirius XM. Nothing like simulcasting your party on the radio to keep things real, right? Also, we wonder if any of the cast of the dreadful Studio 54 movie will be on hand?