0806busdouble.jpgAt around 11 a.m. the "World's Strongest Men" will be taking over 7th Avenue in front of the Garden. The men will be channeling The Hulk as they pull a double-decker bus down the block, a stunt that will make all of their other planned handiwork pale in comparison.

Moneyries reports that in addition to their attempt at breaking the bus record, phone books will be torn to pieces, Hawaiian Tropic Zone models will be lifted up, frying pans will be bent and something awesome will be done with 900-lb tires.

This is all to promote the World's Strongest Man series, which hits Madison Square Garden this Saturday. Did you know that strength athletes performed in MSG as early as 1904?

If you see men pulling a double-decker bus this morning, by all means, send us photos.

Photo via dreamtargets flickr.