How much money would you have to be paid to agree to smuggle eight dangerous snakes into the country? And would you be strapping the snakes to your legs? According to Reuters, a Swedish man was charged after smuggling snakes - strapped to his legs - to Australia. Four of the snakes were deadly king cobras, who were dead by the time the man got to Australia. Ew, but they were "found dead in containers strapped to the man's calves." The other snakes were emerald tree boas (pictured). The 28 year-old was charged under Australia's Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act. Containers with snakes in them strapped to your calves. This is like a Fear Factor stunt, as Reuters points out, "Deadly king cobras, which belong to a different genus from cobras and are capable of killing an elephant, are found across Asia from northern India to southern China and Indonesia and can grow up to 16 feet long."

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