Those tabloid bottom-feeders at the Daily News are so desperate for page views that they've been reduced to publishing a gratuitous photo spread documenting the release of the 2010 Hooters calender. It's far beneath Gothamist's dignity to link to such lowbrow frat-bait, but we have taken the time to gather some photos from the event—just so you can fully understand the shameless hucksterism that's gripped the Zuckerman organization. We've also got some barely SFW video below, too... for reference.

And yet nestled within the News's cheescake sensationalism, there's actually a heartwarming local news story, about a Forest Hills woman who's putting herself through college working at Hooters. Stacey Grigoryan is a Hunter sophomore nursing student who submitted her photo to the Hooters calendar search team. The statuesque blond, who moved to NYC from Russia at age 8, is the only New Yorker in the calendar, which was unveiled Wednesday at a big media event to which we were not invited. Not that we'd have gone anyway! This video will give you a sense of how crass and offensive this whole thing is: