In the weeks leading up to the election, Hillary Clinton has received a litany of endorsements from celebrities, comedians, and other Cool People—but those endorsements haven't quite been enough to guarantee a Clinton victory over Donald Trump come Tuesday. Thankfully, teen streetwear brand Supreme has announced that they are very much With Her.

The brand posted a picture on Instagram yesterday featuring skaters Sage Elesser, Alex Olson, Jason Dill, and Tino Razo encouraging their three million followers to vote for Clinton on Tuesday.

That's right, folks—Supreme, a brand that prominently featured in all my ex-boyfriends' closets, has endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton for president. Supreme, a brand with such a large, loyal fanbase that one of their shoe releases was shut down by the NYPD due to safety concerns, is with her, so goddamnit, why aren't you?

This is the first time the 22-year-old Soho-based streetwear brand has endorsed a presidential candidate, but it isn't the first time they've gotten political—as i-D points out, Supreme has released collections with images of JFK and Malcolm X, and during the 2000 election they released limited-edition "Fuck Bush" stickers. But their recent endorsement of Clinton is as earnest as it gets; they didn't even try to print it onto a hoodie and sell it for $150 to fashionable teens.

Supreme's endorsement has been surprisingly divisive as seen in the comments of the Instagram post—some of the brand's angriest teen fans are pissed that it isn't sticking to its anti-establishment roots, while others are glad their favorite hoodie and skateboard purveyor has denounced Donald Trump. When the teens get woke, they get really woke.