Move over, Steve Wilkos. Brooklyn-boy-made-good Michael Mazzariello is the newest addition to in-your-face daytime TV with the recently premiered Street Court. We'd call it just another courtroom show except (and get ready to have your mind blown here) there is no court. East New York native "Judge Mazz," the former chief prosecutor for the Board of Ed, takes cases right at the scene of the crime, including within the five boroughs.

The Daily News talks to the former Nancy Grace regular who tells them, "There's no bench, no buffer, nothing between me and the litigants. That's the beauty of it. Justice is making house calls...We're in your house. We're in your yard. We're in your place of business." The paper points out the line was delivered with "his thick Brooklyn accent," a nice complement from what they describe as "his in-your-face Brooklyn attitude." We realized that the true genius of Street Court is all of the room for arm-folding its (lack of) setting allows when we saw the Thursday preview here, but sadly there's no embedding. The best they can offer is this video explaining how the show will "change television forever."