A street artist named Ry (aka Olympia) emails in asking for a little help with his girlfriend's birthday present, seems he needs the community's participation to yield successful results.

Here's the story: My girlfriend moved to Connecticut from Greenpoint last year. She misses it terribly, and constantly pines for the days spent with friends in the neighborhood. So, for her birthday this weekend, on Sunday night I installed a life-sized cutout of her at the southeast corner of Franklin and Noble Streets in Greenpoint. I am asking anyone who can to go to Greenpoint and photograph themselves with the Birthday Girl, and then, email or pix message the photo to birthdaygirl08 (at) gmail (dot) com. Soon she will have an entire album of images of herself and many, many friends partying in Greenpoint!

A very...wishful idea, with good intentions, but we're guessing this piece is going to end up with some not-so-nice birthday messages on it by week's end. Will the effort get the girl back to Greenpoint, or will the street artist be left with nothing but a wood cutout? Either way, keep up with the progress as photos are posted at this Flickr account.