Will Ferrell; Photo - NBC

“Harvard University is one of the finest in the land. [Your] exuberance exudes a confident confidence of a bygone era" - Will Ferrell as George W. Bush at Harvard's Class Day

Gothamist is intrigued by Will Ferrell's role as Class Day Speaker for Harvard yesterday. While he's undeniably tearless when it comes to getting the laugh, is it weird to have someone so unrelated to the school even though cooler than anyone else on the list? We certainly hope Will Ferrell is remembered when in 2053, when the Class of 2003 tells the Class of 2053 who spoke at Class Day back in the day, but come on... Anyway, since the Class of 2003 chose him, Gothamist can only guess they needed a good sendoff, considering how crappy the job market is now...he did say to them, “The chance of landing a job are as good as finding a weapon of mass destruction in Iraq.”

The Crimson on Will Ferrell.

Other things we love about Will Ferrell: He ran the Boston Marathon, he uttered the words "Hansel...so hot right now...Hansel", and he had the smarts to team up with Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn (even though to use the word "plot" anywhere near that movie is a stretch). And as often is the case, Fametracker says it better about Will Ferrell...like "cowbell."