One young Brooklynite over at the Cheap Thriller blog is tired of seeing his money go down "the same black hole that sucks up all the G trains," so he's come up with a short list of alternative ideas the MTA can put into effect before draining the rest of our pockets with another fare hike. Here are a few:

  • Give the 3rd Ave. L stop to the homeless. IT’S. FUCKING. POINTLESS. Stop maintaining it and let the dude who has been shitting on the staircase at the Houston 1 stop shit there instead.
  • Start a dating service on the L between Lorimer & 1st Ave. All you have to do is take a look at Missed Connections on any given night to know that this market is juicier than a vine ripened tomato.
  • STOP putting up more digital displays. The only thing worse than being late for a morning meeting because there was an “earlier incident” is knowing that you still have 27min to wait.

Check out more over here, though we'd like to see these ideas presented to the MTA in a sort of ShamWow! infomercial format. And surely subway strippers can somehow be worked in, that's an untapped well of singles, right there.