New York darlings Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker will be taking roles in the Strangers with Candy movie. Of course, Broderick is still best known for playing Ferris Bueller and Parker honed her teenager-in-high school acting chops as Patty Greene on the short-lived sitcom, Square Pegs (not mentioning playing an immature-as-a-higher-schooler on Sex and the City). The Hollywood Reporter says that the couple's friendship with Strangers with Candy co-creator and star, and all-around amazing talent, Amy Sedaris, led to their participation, but let's face it, those two wanted some edgy credibility, or else they'll be in the Ferris Bueller/Leo Bloom and Carrie Bradshaw ghettos forever. Strangers with Candy, the movie, will start shooting this June in NYC.

There's an excellent unofficial Amy Sedaris page that links to a Time Out interview with some choice Amy quotes ("I didn't even know it was the Year of the Monkey—I'm just a year-round monkey gal. Monkeys are the best, right?") Season Two of Strangers for Candy is out on DVD. Gothamist previously on Strangers with Candy.

And was anyone else distracted when seeing Stephen Colbert play the forger on Law & Order: Criminal Intent last night? He was great, but I kept wanting him to break into searing political commentary or act Mr. Noblet-y.