show-image.mirror.jpg In a weird move, The Storm King Center upstate has taken on Heather Champ's Mirror Project for copyright violation. Heather's site allows people to upload self portraits taken in mirrors and other shiney surfaces, and of the 30,000 or so that people have uploaded, it looks like four or five were taken at Storm King. Here's the takedown notice:

"Please remove all images taken at the Storm King Art Center. These sculptures are copyrighted and our policy, which is posted as you enter the property and in our literature, specifically states no commercial use."

Of course, the Mirror Project is not a commercial project-- there are no ads, and no one makes any money off the site. Eventually, Storm King will probably realize that and leave the site alone-- but it's an ominous sign when art museums are using copyright law to keep people from expressing themselves online. Paging Cory Doctorow!