At last, the city that played host to a show about nothing will get a store that sells nothing.

Photographer and archivist Adrian Wilson says he'll debut his new shop, The Inutilious Retailer, on September 1st, located at 151 Ludlow Street. "Inutilious," for those who are not walking thesauruses, more or less means "useless," and Wilson intends for his shop to function as such—"As the store does not sell anything, it is very much a useless store, yet opens up a whole universe of ideas," he told Print Mag.

Indeed, patrons of The Inutilious Retailer can purchase nothing, but they won't leave empty-handed. Wilson says he'll be giving customers his art, which made from clothing "purchased at stores which have a history of copying fashion designer’s work," free of charge. But customers can't simply abscond with Wilson's stuff—"If they can attract my attention and after a chat through a hatch in the door, I believe they have good intentions, they will be given the garment free on condition that they enter the workshop and create a new piece (from clothing I have bought from the Salvation Army) to replace it. Their piece then goes on sale and the cycle repeats," the artist told Print Mag.

So, essentially, you score Wilson's art clothing for free, but then you have to make your own art clothing and bring that back to be re "sold" to the next customer. It's like a non-profit Beacon's Closet! Then, of course, there's the issue of Wilson paying rent on an LES storefront, but the artist doesn't expect to make any money back on this project. "The store is a celebration of my 10-year hobby. I will recoup more than any money could equal," he said. "Some people spend money on making their car hop up and down. Some people fly to Atlantis to swim with a dolphin. Nobody ever asks them how they will recoup the money it cost them.”

Well, it can't be less successful than a store that sells knots.