Imagine a few universal tenets of living in NYC: weaving through crowded streets, construction noise, ubiquitous hot dog carts. Maybe you're mulling the collective agony of a stalled train. But here's one that you may not have considered: the frustration of laundering your clothing—without it being a total time suck, and while not losing or staining anything in the process.

You know what we're talking about—walking out from the laundromat only to discover your poor brown sock has lost its partner or that your white sheets are And what's that weird yellow stain? Gross. You can do better.

New Yorkers are fairly familiar with this city’s abundance of on-demand services: everything from dog walking and home cleaning to the local handyman who arrives to build you a bookshelf. Even massages can be ordered on-demand! (Yes, seriously.) But things get tricky when there are real human beings doing the work behind the scenes. Because like all things with a human component, the quality of service can be anywhere from excellent to “nope, never doing that again.”

Here’s some good news for all you New Yorkers who wear clothing. (That should be all of you.) Introducing Folded: it's a 24/7 laundry and dry cleaning service that actually owns its own facilities. That means you’re not only receiving your clean laundry 12 hours after it was picked up, but you’re getting all your laundry back. No longer will you grieve missing socks (or a $70 blouse) lost in laundry limbo at a wholesaler somewhere out in New Jersey. By owning their own state-of-the-art facilities, Folded maintains full control of the experience, from pick-up to drop-off. So breathe easy, because you'll never worry about losing a precious item of clothing again. (And by this logic, you'll never find a stranger's undergarments tucked between your t-shirts either.) Folded takes responsibility for the entire experience—so your clothing is in expert hands.

Other on-demand services charge 30-80% more than Folded, depending on the item.

Folded is the only laundry and dry cleaning company in NYC with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that in the rare case an item is mishandled (Folded’s incidence rate is below 0.1%), they will refund the full cost of the garment. Local cleaners typically have a zero refund policy when it comes to their services, and on-demand companies limit their refund to as little as 10% of the value of your items. (Not terribly helpful!) So in other words, Folded has quality control down to a science.

And in case you're wondering, the people have spoken: Folded is rated #1 for laundry service on Yelp in all of NYC. (Hello 4.5 stars!) It's got a lot to do with the around-the-clock service that doesn't insist users schedule 2-3 hour time windows, like other so-called “on-demand” laundry and dry cleaning apps. And, it goes without saying that they're not like your local laundromat—who close their doors when the sun sets.

"I'm sad that I can't give Folded six stars" - Jeremy S., Yelp

Folded knows that quality and convenience are essential for an on-demand company handling your precious garments—because do you really want to hand over your perfectly-worn fifth grade field day t-shirt to any old laundromat? And, even better, Folded won't be breaking the bank. Their leading competitor charges roughly 49% more than they do, despite restrictive delivery windows and complaints about quality. Using Folded, one week’s worth of clothes, sheets, and towels (approximately 12 lbs), plus a few button down shirts and a couple pairs of hang-dried jeans (35 cents each) will set you back less than $25. Or, in other words, the price of two sandwiches.

If you’re ready to step up your laundry game, it's time to make Folded part of your routine. With quality and dependable laundry and dry cleaning services at a price that your wallet will love, that means you get more time to focus your energy elsewhere. (And if that means ordering an on-demand massage with a side of on-demand soup dumplings, hey, nobody’s judging.)

To learn more, visit Folded’s website today. Use code Gotham15 for $15 off through the end of September.

This post is brought to you by Folded.