Let's face it—hanging out these days gets kind of lame when you and your friends keep your noses in your phones. With all of the faceswap-snapgramming-tweetbooking going on, sometimes it might feel like your friends aren't even there. But the good news is that the mobile experience doesn't need to be so terribly isolating. There is a better way!

Enter Monster Strike—it's the biggest mobile gaming phenomenon in Japan, dominating iTunes and Google Play since 2014. Collect and nurture your monsters and battle bosses with your friends—did you forget they were sitting right next to you? Be bored and vaguely distracted no more! Mobile gaming is supposed to be fun—so let's keep it that way.

Need more convincing? Watch below as Andy Samberg gives his best locker room pep talk to a band of rabble-rousing monsters ready to fight the good fight and bring you and your friends together.

Monster Strike is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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