In August Barneys released some renderings for their big NYC holiday window design, called "Electric Holiday." The designs showed Disney characters like Minnie Mouse, Cruella de Vil and Snow White emaciated. As the holiday approaches, and the thinspired window design is taking shape behind drawn curtains, a petition has been started to stop it.

The petition, called "Barney's: Leave Minnie Mouse Alone," informs the company of the damage a Skinny Minnie could do, listing off statistics and declaring:

There is nothing wrong with tall thin women. There is something wrong with changing a beloved children’s character’s body so that it looks good in a dress that almost nobody looks good in—adding to the tremendous pressure on young girls and women to attain Photoshop perfection. The problem isn’t with Minnie’s body, it’s with a dress that only looks good on a woman who is 5’11 and a size zero.

That little girl who is going to become a 5’4, size 12 woman can’t just become a 5’11, size 0 woman when she wants to fit into a dress that was designed by someone who couldn't be bothered to make a dress that looks good on someone who is not a model.