The Case of the Missing Dali Painting is all but solved— the $150,000 "Cartel de Don Juan Tenorio," which was stolen from the Venus Over Manhattan art gallery on Madison Ave by a shopping bag-wielding thief on June 19, was returned yesterday.

The painting was snatched from the gallery at around 4:15 on June 19. Security footage showed a checker-shirted man simply lifting the painting off the wall when the guard wasn't looking, and fleeing immediately thereafter. On Monday, the gallery received a mysterious email that said the 1949 watercolor was being shipped back to the city from Europe; the alleged thief was even kind enough to provide them with a tracking number. And lo and behold, the painting arrived at JFK on Friday via Express Mail.

Alas, still no hope for finding the culprit, though, as unsurprisingly, the package bore an phony return address. Foiled again! Something tells us a certain would-be art thief has seen The Thomas Crowne Affair one too many times.