Stock Up On Commemorative Fyre Festival Merch At NYC Pop-Up Sale Today

Doesn't it feel like only yesterday that we were kicking back in our disaster relief tents while devouring artisanal bread with cheese, waiting for the rescue boats to save us from Fyre Festival? Ja Rule and Billy McFarland's multi-sensory luxury influencer festival on an island in The Exumas was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone interested in participating in a surprise survivalist cosplay event. Since then, it's mostly stayed in the news due to a cascade of lawsuits and the occasional apt comparison. But today, you can get a chance to take a piece of Fyre home with you.

An email went out this morning (see below) advertising a pop-up shop selling off merch from the ill-fated event this evening. "Come celebrate and relive the epic event from 6-9pm just off Union Square on 873 Broadway (18th and Broadway), 6th floor." On the website for the event, Fyre Merch, you can see a few items with the festivals logo on it. (Items from the festival were selling for up to $300 on eBay after the event imploded last year.)


A spokesperson for the pop-up wouldn't say much about what else was being sold at the event, nor why this was happening now, but they did say: "It'll hopefully be entertaining. We plan on making quite a bit of fun of the festival (e.g. having the promo video playing on loop on a projector)."

One person who was surprised to learn of the pop-up was Seth Crossno. The 33-year-old comedy writer, who runs the satirical website ITB Insider, attended Fyre Festival under his pen name, William Needham Finley IV, thinking it would be the perfect opportunity to skewer influencer culture. "Then it turned into what it was," he told us. "It was pretty hilarious in my opinion." His tweets from the event ended up all over the Internet in articles about the festival.

In the aftermath of the event, Crossno filed lawsuits against many of the principals involved in the festival—most of the suits were eventually dropped: "Publicly alI I can say about Ja Rule is that we've decided to move on to other business matters."

He also applied for the trademark for Fyre Festival on April 14th this year, which with attorney fees came out to $2K. He said he specifically bought the trademark so that he could sell merchandise from the festival and possibly throw his own Fyre Fest at some point. "I have a 'pending application' on the trademark," he noted. "We're going to wait and see what happens with this pop-up before deciding on taking any action."

As for the continued relevance of the festival—Hulu is releasing a documentary series on it next year—Crossno says he thinks it is hysterical. "This is a story that will never go away," he said. "You think that the next thing you'll hear about it is when Billy gets sentenced and it'll die off, but every couple months somebody will do something, send out an email selling merchandise or trying to sell tickets to the Met Gala to people who went [to Fyre], all these crazy things. It's been entertaining to see, it's like a scam that never ends."

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