Have you heard of the Summerland Tour? It comes to Roseland Ballroom this Wednesday to remind us all that we didn't just listen to Pearl Jam and Nirvana and Soundgarden during the early and mid-1990s (even though that is what we'll tell our grandkids). The show will feature sets by every band you probably would never admit you listened to (or maybe still listen to?)—its got Everclear, its got the Gin Blossoms, its got Lit, its got Sugar Ray, and yes, its got Marcy Playground. AND YES, there are still tickets available! For $62.50 (keep in mind, this price gets you all the hits), you can secure a General Admission spot to this nostalgia fest. But first, a refresher course:

The Gin Blossoms, "Found Out About You" (truly superior to "Hey Jealousy")

Everclear, "I Will Buy You A New Life"

Lit, "My Own Worst Enemy"

Marcy Playground, "Sex and Candy" (did they have any other songs?)

Sugar Ray, "Every Morning" (we suggest getting a refill on that beer during this set)