In 2009, Gothamist mesmerized an easily-distracted city with this iconic photo depicting a dead rat inexorably trapped in a sidewalk crevice. The original undoctered photo spawned hundreds—nay, millions—of reader-submitted Photoshop alterations, turning the Sad Rat into a darkly humorous tribute to one rodent's unusual demise. Now a new dead rat has landed in the Gothamist inbox, and, as you can see, this bad boy passed beyond the Curtain of Eternity in a blaze of saccharine glory, sucking every last drop of sweetness out of his final moments on Earth's bitter crust.

Or maybe some joker just planted the lollipop there as a gag? It goes without saying that comedy is totally worth risking bubonic plague. We shared this skepticism with the tipster who submitted the photo, and he replied, "Why the hell would someone do that??? I mean, I've looked at it a few times, and the blue is around its mouth like its been eating it for awhile. I'm almost wondering if it died from a sugar overdose, BUT I'M NOT A VETERINARIAN."

So are lollipops fatal to rats, like chocolate is for dogs? Or is there a batch of poisonous blue lollipops in circulation? Should the city start using these things to get a handle on New York's booming rat population? Is it time for us to get real jobs? Let us know in the comments! And of course, if there's something ELSE you're inclined to Photoshop into the dead rat's mouth, well, we'd have no choice but to inspect it at photos(AT)gothamist(DOT)com. Life is short!