Hello, Lovers! Last night we received the first Sex and the City trailer...finally! We sat down with a Flirtini, called our girlfriends and pressed play to find out what Carrie & Co. have been up to all these months while they weren't busy clogging up the sidewalks and becoming New York's biggest tourist attraction. Turns out we'll be seeing a lot of the same 'ol shenanigans in theaters as on TV: clothes, shoes, talking, drinking...because, according to the trailer, "friendship never goes out of style!" And neither does beating a dead horse.

At first glance you can see that Carrie is still living in her shoebox apartment, but Jezebel digs deeper into the 39 second teaser by analyzing it screenshot by screenshot to discover Ms. B may be moving to Mr. Big's in the big screen finale. Read their play-by-play analysis here.