Yesterday's gorgeous day was the perfect setting for Marc Ecko's graffiti street party to celebrate the release of his video game, Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. However, the party became a minor First Amendment cause celebre as City Councilman Peter Vallone successfully started a wave to get the party permit revoked, only to have a judge rule the party must go on. Newsday called it a throwback to the '80s with boomboxes, breakdancing and graffiti, and Ecko told reporters, "It's about art but they used an old tool of fear-mongering, a political thing, trying to lean on family values, using graffiti as a negative when it's really just a bunch of young people getting together to express themselves."

Lady Pink decorating her car; click here to see the finished car

Vallone, however, issued a statement saying, "This is about multimillion-dollar corporations fraudulently obtaining a permit to use our streets to promote a video game which teaches kids how to commit crimes." The Post said the crowd was in the thousands, and indeed, it seems like many onlookers were there to see their tagging heroes in person, as they asked artists for autographs. As for making the graffiti party an annual event, Ecko told Newsday, "It'll be interesting when we apply for a permit next year."


Photo at top by Jake Dobkin; photos of Lady Pink, Lady Pink's train and Cycle's Pig Train by Bucky Turco