Stevie Wonder and Green Day are heading to Central Park's Great Lawn next month for the annual Global Citizen Festival, where they'll be headlining along with THE CHAINSMOKERS, the greatest Las Vegas house band ever to get airtime at Dave & Buster's. Now is a great time to get that $400 studded jacket pressed.

This year we're also getting the Killers and Pharrell, who have made a few notable songs but nothing quite up to par with the Chainsmokers' hit single "Paris," which includes the heart-wrenching lyric, "We breathe in the air of this small town/On our own cuttin' class for the thrill of it/Getting drunk on the past we were livin' in." I do not know what that means, but that's because I am not wise like the older Chainsmoker (the so-called cute one is just for show).

The Lumineers, much of whose music I often confuse for the Chainsmokers, will also perform, as will Big Sean, Andra Day, and Alessia Cara.

Global Citizen Festival, which takes place on September 23rd, is free, but prospective attendees have to complete "action journeys" to get tickets—you can find more details on that on their website. This year's efforts include a campaign to stop the cuts to US foreign aid, to expand education access worldwide, and to bolster opportunities for women and girls to succeed, as well as to give the band that probably DJed your cousin's bar mitzvah in 2011 a bigger public platform.