Last year Lindsey Buckingham announced that Fleetwood Mac would be touring in 2012, which he later told us would be delayed, saying, "It’s funny because six months ago or less even there was quite a bit of talk. I know Stevie was talking quite a bit about it in interviews... then I think somehow she started to feel she wanted a little more time to work this [solo] album." So here we are again, with the band tugging at our hopeful heartstrings—this morning in an interview with CBS, Nicks said the group is reuniting in 2013.

Nicks says everyone is on board for "next year, so far... it's the plan. Because that's what we do. I do my thing. And Lindsey is out doing his thing now" (Buckingham is currently on tour until at least September). Presumably when they finish up their solo stuff, they'll focus on getting the gang back together, though it's unclear if Christine McVie will return—she left the band in 1998 and hasn't been present (except for in the audience) at their previous reunions.

Until then, this news gives us another excuse to post this decades-old video of Nicks flawlessly singing "Wild Heart" backstage:

And "Dreams" in 1977, during the Rumours tour:

And "Gold Dust Woman" in 1977: