After a yearlong goodbye, Howard Stern says cya to terrestrial radio today, as he airs his last live show on KROCK (soon to be FreeFM). This ends a twenty-year relationship with his current employer. He is leaving the terrestrial airwaves in great part to the FCC for fining and censoring him in increasing levels for the past few years. Starting in January, if you didn't already know from everywhere he is popping up, he can be heard via Sirius satellite.

Fans are gathering in mass in the streets in a KROCK sponsored rally to say goodbye. Wackpackers and average fans alike are pouring out on the streets in droves. So if you are in the area of 56th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues it's probably best to stay away. Watch instead from the comfort of your own home as Yahoo is covering live with streaming video. Yahoo is also covering the post show, which is broadcasting live from the Hard Rock Cafe, as well as the Howard 100 news on Sirius. Currently they have Debbie Gibson singing and saying goodbye. Sheryl Crow will be performing, and Martha Stewart (yes Martha) will be introducing him to the Hard Rock crowd.

After they end their performance, Howard, crew and fans, will walk the streets from their old studios to the new Sirius studios on 48th and 6th avenue, so watch out for that as well. And let him have his tapes.

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