4madeinqueens.jpgThose crafty stereo bike kids are back, and causing some noise complaints. The Queens Courier reports that "at the 106th Precinct’s last community council meeting, there were 'numerous people complaining about those bikes traveling up and down the street creating unnecessary noise,'" according to Officer Kenneth Zorn. Fingers point at the Future Shock crew, comprised of teenagers who are staking claim on the “stereo bike” concept they brought over from their homeland of Trinidad. The crew have been customizing bikes for others, with "6,000-watt stereo systems, flashing lights and DVD screens," they can weigh up to 500 lbs. Noise complaints aside, the paper reports that the police are impressed, and Zorn stated, "The bikes are pretty cool and the workmanship that’s gone into them - lotta talent right there." The Future Shock crew said there's "mutual respect" between them and the police, so it sounds like the community is going to have to deal with a little bit of bike bass for the time being.