Stephen Colbert touched on Donald Trump's field trip to the Smithsonian's new Museum of African American History and Culture ("he was so worried Steve Bannon wouldn't sign his permission slip") and the new immigration ban orders, but his best line of the night came as he tackled Trump's six golf outings in his first month as president: "Now, we know that the president has been to the golf course six times, but for some reason his aides would not confirm that Trump played golf each time he went to the course," he said. "Sure, he could be on the course for any reason—we know he loves making fun of people's handicaps."

Colbert also talked to Joe Scarborough of the renegade morning background noise program Morning Joe (an aside: credit to Jon Batiste and Stay Human for playing a bit of my favorite Beatles song, "You Never Give Me Your Money," as his intro music). Scarborough was in a fiery mood, re-affirming his show's ban of Kellyanne Conway ("Everything she said was disproven like five minutes later"), and warned Senate Republicans that their actions now (or lack thereof) will be scrutinized for years: "I always say this of everybody who gets in the White House: you think you're at the center of the world now? You don't own this place. You're renting this place out. The American people are letting you have this. The Republican Party needs to know there is going to be a time after Donald Trump, and they are going to be judged for the next fifty years on how they respond to the challenges today."

He also had plenty of tough words for Trump: "The way he's acted over the last month has made it even harder to call him 'Mr. President,'" he said. "I think if he continues the way he continued the first month, I just don't think it's sustainable. And I don't think it'll last four years...I think we've already died a million deaths already the first month."

While Seth Meyers didn't have his usual "A Closer Look" segment last night, he did have Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on the show to talk about the women's march, paid leave, gun control, and standing up to Trump's nominees. "The women's march was truly the most inspiring moment of my entire life," she said.

"This is an intersectional movement, so it's not just about one issue," she continued. "You had people marching for Black Lives Matter, people marching LGBT equality, people marching for clean air, clean water, reproductive rights, all issues. And that activism has continued, and we've seen it any time President Trump has done something stupid, like his executive order on immigration and banning Muslims, people rise up, they went rushing to every airport and to Battery Park. This is literally our Democracy in action, it's the first time I've seen people fight." Check out those segments below.

Meyers also utilized some good TV editing tricks to hold his own press conference with Trump.

For what it's worth, Jimmy Fallon pulled out his Trump impression once again for a Trump News Network segment (heavy sigh). Don't watch it.