Following the success of last year's StePhest Colbchella '011, Stephen Colbert announced the lineup of his second summer festival, which is a legit festival that you can get tickets to (as opposed to waiting outside the Colbert Report's studio for 4 hours). StePhest Colbchella ’012 RocktAugustFest is scheduled for Friday, August 10th, and will feature The Flaming Lips, Santigold, Grizzly Bear, and fun, which, meh, but the venue is what makes it somewhat intriguing. "You may know her from her work in capturing the Marshall Islands in World War II; she displaces 41,034 tons: ladies and gentlemen, the motherfucking US Intrepid and shit!"

Colbchella is 100% free, and Colbert snagged Grandmaster Flash as DJ. You can enter your email address here and they'll let you know when the ticketing opens up. We were lucky enough to catch last night's Colbert Report in the studio, and the host initially flubbed the first go-round of his Colbchella segment, saying it was on Friday, August 7th. "My producer just told me that I got the date wrong, which, you all probably already knew," Colbert told the audience before the second take. "So I told him to just move the fucking festival!"

If you've ever wondered what it was like to see the Colbert Report, we can confirm that it's pretty terrific. The host is exceedingly gracious with his time before taping, and takes around a dozen questions out-of-character. He counseled one man on what to get his wife for their one-year anniversary ("The paper anniversary, right? Give her $100, so she can get whatever she wants"), described in-depth the most important political issue of our day ("Super PACs, specifically 501c(4)s,") and told one audience member that he wasn't afraid to tackle controversial subjects that have been getting some comedians in trouble recently.

"I have this [points to stage], I have a filter," Colbert said. "I can edit. There have been many times when I've said to myself, 'Nah, I don't want him to say that.' Those guys spend their nights in clubs, and don't have that same filter. Their job is a lot tougher. I've spent many, many nights in clubs and now I'm lucky enough to not have to do that anymore."