What is there to say about this BRIC TV video on Bushwick's polyamory house that wasn't already said with lingering shots of curved faucets and supple hands wrapped around goblets of wine?

"What's the garbage situation?" the embedded reporter asks the group, comprised of comely 30-somethings all lounging on a mattress covered in fake (?) furs. It's collected on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but look! Poly houses: They're just like us.

"I thought it was going to be like a bad MTV reality show," says housemate Deniz Akyurek, who said he first became acquainted with the place as a subletter. "It was better than any roommate situation I've ever been with."

The buried lede is that the inhabitants of the home—called Hacienda Villa—don't actually sleep with each other, which actually makes perfect sense and shame on us (fine, me) for making the snap judgment that "polyamorous" is just a euphemism for "relentless sex parade." The Bushwick abode is simply a community of people who practice non-monogamous relationships, within whatever context that fits into their particular lives.

"All pants are not khakis but all khakis are pants," the reporter says. "Unpack that notion for us." I can't totally discern what that means, but housemate Kenneth Play seemed to pick up on what he was going for.

"We are human, and we have very opposing needs in a relationship," Play said. "One side, we want security, devotion, dependability....and to count on that person in sickness and health. Then there's times when we want adventure, we want novelty, we want new people." To illustrate that point, the scene switches over to a man in brightly patterned briefs reclining on a long green couch. "I can light you on fire!" offers a peppy woman in striped Zubaz. She does.

In all seriousness, everyone seems very sane and well-adjusted and happy. Who knew that anything so positive could exist in rat-infested Bushwick?

And since it's Friday, ditch your spreadsheet and give in to the allure of the Casual Sex Project. It's all you get for now: Hacienda Villa is full and has a waiting list.