The Quad Cinema—NYC's first-ever multiplex—is back, baby. The Greenwich Village movie theater, which originally opened in 1972, has been closed for just about two years while it has undergone renovations. On Friday the OG multiplex reopens to the masses, nearly 45 years after originally opening its doors, and it's been "fully renovated and restored to serve as the premiere art house cinema in Manhattan for discerning cinephiles."

Mayor Bill de Blasio was on hand at Thursday's ribbon cutting, telling the crowd, "I am here today as a labor of love because this place, for me and so many people, has been a magical place in this city. I went to school just a few blocks away from here at NYU and you always knew there was going to be very cool films at the Quad; really interesting stuff, things that would make you think, provocative films, films from all over the globe. So, I wanted to be here to celebrate this wonderful theater becoming a part of our community again." He then proclaimed April 13th, 2017 Quad Cinema Day.

The audiences back in de Blasio's day (Andy Warhol was a loyal patron according to the press release) "became as diverse as the programming, drawing large multiethnic and LGBT crowds" looking for the best classic, new American, and "acclaimed films from Europe." It's part of the city's cultural history, and it's one that new owner, Charles Cohen, intends to keep alive.

Quad Cinema shortly after opening decades ago, exact date unknown. (Photo courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York, 2013.3.1.705)

“Not only was the Quad New York's first multi-screen cinema, it was also a true neighborhood theater, drawing Village audiences with its sophisticated art-house fare. The new Quad will preserve both the welcoming, communal atmosphere and the cultural cachet of the original theater while updating—and upgrading—the moviegoing experience for contemporary cinephiles.

The redesign will be intimate and luxurious, but most importantly, it’s the range and quality of our programming that will distinguish our identity, bringing people together over a shared love for the movies. It’s an exciting time for filmgoing in New York City and I can’t think of two people with more knowledge and more passion than Chris and Gavin to better curate the experience at the new Quad.”

Along with the new owner and new Quad Cinema logo (click through the above photos to see the old and the updated), the theater now has four jewel-box theaters, "a stunning new video wall with unique programming, seats imported from Norway, 4k Christie digital projectors, a wine bar, and the capability to screen films in archival-quality 35mm and 16mm for classic films, as well as 4K digital and 3-D projection." Film nerds rejoice.

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