2JAPANESEHOUSE0513.jpgThis weekend you can escape the modern city with a short trip to 131 Buckingham Road in Brooklyn. On Saturday, June 8th, displace yourself in history and wander to The Japanese House—built in 1903, the landmarked building stands out (without nails!) among the eclectic architecture of Victorian Flatbush.

Some mystery surrounded the house’s foundation since people believed it to be commissioned by the Japanese Consul. However, the building couldn’t have had a more American beginning—it was designed by Petit & Greene, the same firm that imagined Coney Island’s Dreamland. The structure reflects turn of the century fascination with Orientalism and Japonisme, but its Western architects worked closely with Japanese advisors to ensure stylistic authenticity.

This weekend, Gloria Fischer, 76, opens the door to her home of forty years, where visitors may find treasures such as dragons in the stained glass windows, Chrysanthemums kneaded into the stucco façade, hand-detailed carvings on the mantle, and Fischer’s own worldly collection of art and antiques. According to Curbed (where you'll find some great photos), the house was worth $27,000 in 1903 and is valued at over $1 million now.

Reserve a spot on the tour by tomorrow (June 5th) to submerge yourself in the stories of Old New York. The tour, which starts at 11 a.m., will cost $15 (cash only) and you can reserve your spot by emailing 131tour@gmail.com.