If these photos are any indication, the Place to Be on Saturday night was underground in Brooklyn (where else?) surrounded by decomposing corpses (and music and booze). For three mysterious hours, the New York Obscura Society gave visitors a rare, late-night look inside the catacombs under Green-Wood Cemetery, where Samuel Ward McAllister (and others) are interred. McCallister's ghost was billed as the party's host:

"During the Gilded Age, a time of immense wealth, opulence and growth for the city of New York, one man held the key to the city's most exclusive gatherings: Samuel Ward McAllister. A self-appointed arbiter of high society from the 1860s to the early 1890s, Ward McAllister performed as an advisor in class and etiquette for the city's wealthiest families. He also kept what became infamously known as 'The Four Hundred,' a strictly maintained list of individuals who were lucky enough to be ranked amongst the creme de la creme of New York society and, amongst numerous other perks, receive invitations to Mrs. William Astor's legendary balls.

"With fear of being buried alive rampant in the late 19th century, mausoleums were at the height of burial fashion when McAllister passed in 1895. He was laid to rest within the catacombs of Green-Wood Cemetery, a long, tunneled burial space embedded within a hillside that offered above-ground interment in its numerous vaults. Dating back to 1838 as the city's first garden cemetery, Green-Wood's winding, forested paths are lined with mausoleums and memorials by the leading architects and artists of the 19th and 20th century. Designed to be a space of beauty for the living as well as the dead, Green-Wood continues to be an open green respite for the public to come both to mourn and to remember while experiencing the stunning landscape and memorial art of the cemetery grounds."

The Saw Lady (Natalia Paruz) set the appropriate haunting tone, followed by accordionist Erica Mancini and the Dandy Wellington jazz band. Take a look around at what you missed, and if you regret missing out on the macabre fun, do yourself a favor and subscribe to the Obscura Society's events newsletter. They'll teach you how to pick locks and identify all the toxins in Newtown Creek.