A new exhibition of installations will be open this weekend in Williamsburg, the product of a collaboration between Refinery29, a troupe of independent artists, and a slew of image-savvy brands. It features 29 attractions—almost all of them shiny—from the creative likes of Jason Wu, Cleo Wade, Hyphen Labs, and Jake Gyllenhaal (really). Refinery29 has dubbed it 29Rooms, and don't worry, there's already a thriving hashtag and Instagram check-in location for you to milk for optimum doubletaps.

A cross between a futuristic funhouse and IRL sponcon, 29Rooms does indeed have some great ideas to offer, including Wade's Womb, a dim and relaxing tent space that comes complete with silent disco headphones, and Erotica in Bloom, a hanging flower patch from Maisie Cousins that packs sensory overload bulbs. Women's anatomy, health, and activism are the dominant themes throughout 29Rooms, and both the Womens March and Planned Parenthood have pieces on display at the Wythe Avenue warehouse.

From spinning pinwheels powered by Dyson™ hair dryers to a mini-speakeasy straight out of a David Lynch set, there's enough variety and whimsy going on in this place to make it more than just a selfie mecca (although it definitely is that, let's be clear). All 29 installations have a different creative quirk for those lucky enough to score tickets (the show is sold out all weekend, although there are some giveaways happening on Refinery29's website).

But the most artistically striking piece happens to be the very first, a patterned stage set built by dimension-obliterating painter Alexa Meade. Meade specializes in painting directly on her human subjects, changing them into 2-dimensional figures that trick the eye and defy genre conventions. Her contribution to 29Rooms is part pop art, part psychedelia, and features hand-painted costumes that visitors can try on before posing on her stage sets.

"The work is really about being in it," Meade said Thursday. "Through the camera lens it changes from 3-d to 2-d. That's the most important part of the experience—communing with the art."

Click through the photos to see what all 29 rooms have to offer.

29Rooms runs from September 8th - 11th, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., out of 106 Wythe Avenue at 9th Street in Williamsburg. It's sold out, but keep an eye out incase they release more tickets.