2004_10_artsstellas.jpgBrooklyn's Southpaw hosted a great evening of comedy on behalf of Concerts For Change Weds. night. Gothamist is crazy about Stella, the comedy trio comprised of Michael Ian Black (yeah, from Ed and I Love The Eighties),and the creators of Wet Hot American Summer, Michael Showalter and David Wain. It used to be that you could see these guys play tiny rooms like The Fez on an ongoing basis. Now their busy schedules don't have them getting around near as much, so we were really happy to get to see them perform.

Stumping for "Rog Kerry", they told a great fish tale about hanging out with him on his tour bus. Kerry makes them grilled cheese sandwiches, throws on some Uriah Heap and Greg Kihn, and soon they're at it in a four-way.

Other comedians on the bill included the very funny Eugene Mirman, Demetri Martin and A. D. Miles. Mirman spun a great tale about going out other Concerts For Change dates in some of the swing states, where even the skate board kids have Bush/Cheney stickers on their boards. Scary.

The night was far from just political. Lots of sex, lots of music, and the audience even got to see a five-minute clip of the pilot Stella just shot for Comedy Central, which sent the audience howling. There are a few more shows coming up on the Concerts For Change horizon, and they've got some bus trips scheduled for intrepid folks wanting to give a hand in some of those swing states like Pennsylvania and Ohio. Click here for more information, and make sure to get out and vote.