"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here," warn the unwritten words on every subway entrance in the summertime. The platforms are thick with hot, stagnant air, it's around 90 billion degrees, and you have no alternative but to sweat it out until you feel that sweet, sweet train wind coming through.

But you know what else is hot? A spa. And spas are nice and relaxing. So why not make some lemonade out of this 10th circle of Dantean hell you've descended into? Improv Everywhere is here to help—in their latest prank, they've transformed the 34th Street station into the 34th Street Spa. Behold:

Up next: a Bikram yoga studio? Chances are slim. Charlie Todd tells us they won't be doing an encore performance—"I try to limit my time on the 34th Street NRQ platform as much as possible in the summer, so I don't think we'll stage it again."