In the spirit of the chilly weather we have in store this weekend, Gothamist has been looking at ways to get warm. Namely, that rare NYC commodity, the working fireplace. Both New York magazine and the Post reviewed bars in the city with fireplaces. Among the places where you can be warm both in the belly and all over are Cibar, Chumley's (a real wood-burning fireplace), the Hudson's Library Bar, Art Bar, Lot 61, Telephone Bar and Williamsburg's Red and Black (pictured right). Some hotels have fireplaces; though the inn, 1871 House, is not cheap, it's pretty competitive with many of the city's hotels and some of its rooms have fireplaces.

If you happen to have a working fireplace, be sure to read the FDNY's tips for using it. Most New Yorkers' familiarity with fireplaces begins and ends with the WPIX Yule Log - you can have you own Flash yule log on your computer screen thanks, thanks to WPIX's programmers. And there are always space heaters out there; be sure to get ones that shut down if they overheat or are knocked over.