It's no secret that Gothamist is excited about Anchorman, considering that we lurve Will Ferrell. But we must say, regular non-costumed Will Ferrell is just as awesome, as proven by this clip of Will Ferrell ambushing the CNBC anchors during Power Lunch. Will seems to have been taping an episode of John McEnroe's new show, but he got loose and went to bother the anchors. It's amazing, especially with Will asking Sue Herera if they will make hot Spanish love. That and saying GE is bankrupt. [Via stereogum]

As seen in the video, part of Ferrell's appeal is, as David Edelstein writes in Slate, the fact that he's "not afraid to take a joke to the next level." It's his fearlessness in being silly and goofy - it's totally focused, but still approachable (not scary and manic the way Robin Williams is). A.O. Scott describes the recent Ferrell oeuvre thusly, "'Anchorman,' by indulging Mr. Ferrell's gift for inventive lunacy, is more amusing than annoying. It is not as maniacally uninhibited as 'Old School' or as dementedly lovable as 'Elf,' but its cheerful dumbness is hard to resist." Lunacy, maniacal, demented - that's Ferrell. And the Village Voice (via Chicagoist) language of Ferrell in Anchorman.

And also a dog wearing headgear is comedy GOLD.