New York has always been one of the most fearsome states for small time marijuana consumers, with an obsessive focus on penalizing dime bag smokers and occasional tokers. Yet, the New York marijuana community is beginning to feel the progressive comfort and individual security that arrived with the nationwide trend towards legalization. It’s already been a few years since Mayor Bill De Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton implemented a no arrest policy for possession of under 25 grams of marijuana, and New York’s medical marijuana has been on the books for quite some time now.

Despite the proliferation of weed in New York, traditionally harsh political entities which took so much pride in huge incarceration rates (especially during the enforcement of the Rockefeller drug laws) often seem unclear in their intentions. However, it seems that no amount of abusive police policy or city intervention can stop the nation’s urge to adopt marijuana into the mainstream, and all signals show that New York is starting to fall in line. The state has already expanded it’s medical marijuana program, opening of one of the largest potential marijuana markets in the country.

New Yorkers are always one step ahead in these kind of things, and they have proven their entrepreneurship by turning to the tech company whose free anonymous marijuana networking app has taken the nation by storm. is a cannabis networking app that is free for all and as anonymous as you want it to be. It serves all participants in the marijuana industry and community: not just large entities or business, but individuals and small time mom and pop operations. It allows its users to access a real-time map and messaging services to instantly find local marijuana vendors, buyers, workers, and employers.

Signing up is free, and it only takes a few seconds. If you’re a medical marijuana patient in New York looking for better quality medicine, hop on and see the hundreds of available options in your area. Trying to get into the legal marijuana employment market? Access the map to find cannabis employers next door or across the country. Plus, there is a state of the art review system for all users, as promises to legitimize to the marijuana community and remove it from the grey economy. works on any device, desktop or mobile
. Need inspiration? Just look at your neighbors in Washington, D.C., who have recently adopted the weed app. So sign up for free on, and become a part of this innovative revolution.

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