staunch.jpgIn honor of Administrative Professional’s (a.k.a. Those Who IM and Google to Help Ease Their Pain) Day, let’s discuss the peculiarity of a certain brand of officemate. We all work with her. The girl that’s not all there and you can’t quite put your finger on why no one calls her out on taking three hour lunches or having mysterious doctor’s appointments every other day. She is clearly a little bit crazy but no one wants to broach the issue. Similarly, the Beale women of the cult film Grey Gardens are a little bit crazy, a little bit iconic and though they lived but a Jitney ride away in East Hampton, they were from another world. In Jessica Allen’s latest one woman show, STAUNCH, which closes this week after a six month run at the People’s Improv Theater, that girl with the issues of delusion and grandeur is the subject at large. Combining elements of Allen’s real life sharing a cubicle with one such ostensibly daft, but possibly brilliant woman, and her fascination with Little Edie Beale of Grey Gardens, Allen embodies that woman you never quite understood but are completely fascinated by.
S T A U N C H, Thursday April 28, 8pm The People’s Improv Theater 154 W. 29th St. $5

bestweek.jpgOn an administrative assistant’s salary, one isn’t always able to live it up…That’s why Gothamist loves basic cable. For the companionship it provides on lonely nights, for its multiple networks just for women, and most importantly, for the abundance of local celebrities it enables us to Gawker Stalk. Stalk away tonight at UCB at Best Week Ever Live. Paul Scheer, Jessi Klein, Sherrod Small and Christian Finnegan will all be commenting on the goings on of the past seven days, better known as the the best week ever. We sat down with Scheer this week, in front of a colored construction paper background at his insistence, and he explained "Best Week Ever LIVE is like watching TV but it's in a Theater. The main difference is that everyone is much bigger than they appear on TV and there are no commercials." Paul Scheer, you have pinpointed exactly why I go to the theater, I likes my comedy large and uninterrupted.
The second half of the hour becomes Pop Culture Road Show where the panelists go Sotheby's on your ass and appraise knick knacks, tchotchkes and brick a brack provided by you, the audience. Your once treasured E.T. Thermos will probably be reduced to a crack about finally finding the flask Drew Barrymore used on the set of that film, but really, that's what you want from them isn't it?
VH1's Best Week Ever Live! Thursday @ 8pm and 10pm $8