As you may or may not be aware, some megawealthy mariner has been parked resolutely in front of the Statue of Liberty for about a month now, junking up the view from her harbor home with a very long boat home. Basically, just getting in her way and making it more difficult for her to receive visitors, which of course is one of her favorite things to do.

The 240-foot Hasna, currently owned by an Australian multi-millionaire who's actively looking to sell, is only the latest of its invasive superyacht species to darken Lady Liberty's doorstep. In 2017, a comparably ostentatious vessel named Le Grand Bleu anchored at the Colossus's feet, probably so the boat owner ("a Russian-born billionaire," per the NY Post) could ogle her at night. Or maybe so he could avoid the thousands of dollars per day it reportedly costs to dock at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal: Loitering in the Statue of Liberty's waters is technically free. It's just that most people don't stick around for so long.

Breaking harbor etiquette, according to some (ahem), is "incredibly tacky and tasteless." That's how one onlooker described the Hasna's station to the Post, anyway; another added, "We get it, you're rich." Others have piled similar criticisms on similarly positioned specimen: "This is my fancy yacht, let’s block the view,” a Texas tourist told the Post in 2017, talking about Le Grand Bleu. “It’s just rude." As one New Jersey lawmaker put it in 2017, a megayacht haunting the Statue of Liberty is not only "unsafe for navigation," but also, "unfair to others and completely antithetical to the spirit of one of the world's most compelling symbols of freedom and equal opportunity."

And yet! And yet and yet and yet, the hyperwealthy love to hunker down at her flank. Here is another of these lurkers, whose identity Gothamist has not confirmed:

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If you are also rich — rich in a way that allows you to drop $108 million on a nautical mansion — maybe you will consider buying this yacht and getting it the hell away from my wife, a literal beacon of hope and a strong, independent woman who needs neither your help nor your ornamentation. The ship's amenities reportedly include an infinity pool, a home theater, a gym, and a hair salon, and it can fit 12 guests and 21 crew members: Probably, if you have the kind of money lying around that allows you to purchase this level of luxury, you can afford to anchor literally anywhere else. So, I would just ask that you take your sea business far far away from here and leave Lady Liberty alone. You are standing in her way, muddying her message. Yes, her whole thing is that anyone is welcome at her shores, but trust me my dude, she is not lifting her lamp for you and we are swimming into stalking territory at this point. Before I involve the authorities (who, again, can't do anything, because this is legal), STOP NOW.

Malcolm Forbes' 126-foot, 280-ton yacht, "Highlander", is seen, in this aerial view, cruising near the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, 1981.