Overwhelmed by her endless throngs of visitors, Lady Liberty is indeed closing down this fall for renovations, right on schedule with the announcement made last year.

The Statue's crown, pedestal and museum will be closed from October 29 through September 2012, though Liberty Island will remain open. During the closure, the Lady's interior will receive new stairways and elevators, plus increased security measures. Check Statue Cruises for ticket availability to tour the statue before it closes (act fast, though, tickets are selling out already), or just leave October 28 open on your calendar for the Statue's 125th anniversary celebration, where she'll surely party hard. (Here's a look back at her beginnings.)

Here's a quick look at some of the Statue's vital stats—prepare to have your mind blown by the fact that her skin is only 3/23 of an inch thick, which is thinner than two pennies. Whoa.