New Yorkers aren't strangers to ghost roommates, whether they be literal dead spirits or Craigslist randos who pay rent but never seem to sleep in the apartment. Still, if you'd like to upgrade your number of haunted bedrooms from two to seven, Staten Island's famed Kreischer Mansion is on the market, murdered mafioso ghosts and all. (We visited the place in 2015, and you can watch our tour here.)

Curbed notes that the 130-year-old home is listed for a cool $2 million. The mansion is considered one of the most haunted places in the city, thanks in part to its pretty bloody history. Balthalzar Kreischer, a Bavarian immigrant who ran a fire-brick manufacturing company, built the home in 1885, then died a year later. His sons, Edward and Charles Kreischer, subsequently feuded over their father's company—so much so that Edward allegedly shot himself in the head in the house over an argument with his brother. Then, a second mansion Kreischer built for Charles burned down, with both Charles and his wife inside.

Subsequent residents said they experienced a series of hauntings following the Kreischer deaths, with creepy spirits including both Kreischer sons, a German cook, and some small children who were locked in closets. Things got even grislier in 2005, when the house's then-caretaker, Joseph Young, was convicted of killing Bonanno family associate Robert McKelvey by stabbing him in the house's basement, drowning him in the pool, chopping up his body and burning it in the then-kitchen's oven.

Though the asking price—and $1,233 in monthly taxes—is a tad steep for an allegedly haunted house, that cash also nets you seven bedrooms, three bathrooms, several dining rooms and parlors, basement and attic space, and a tiny outdoor pool. Happy bidding!