Smurf week may be over, but those little blue creatures aren't quite ready to leave the spotlight yet. And we aren't talking about the recently announced sequel. Three disgruntled employees of a Staten Island event-production company, Everything Entertainment, have been charged with looting loads of Smurf-themed schwag in the week before the movie's premiere.

Stephen Salley, 22, James Geddie, 19, and Devine Farrow, 23—who were said to be in a dispute over money with Everything—have been accused of stealing "blue custom bags, personalized vitamin water, Smurfs figurines, Smurfs cereal, custom lollipops and specialty crackers," according to court papers. The trio have all been released on their own recognizance until their next court date, September 27.

Not helping the suspects case? Just a few hours before the alleged July 22 theft Salley reportedly wrote on his public Facebook page "Who wants to work." When a friend asked him what kind of work, he wrote back "I’m deadass. Mackin smufs bags."

We're sure there is a lesson here about not posting plans to steal stuff on Facebook, but all we can think about now is that smurfing Smurf's theme song. La-la-la-la-la-la-sing-a-happy-song...