Photo via the Jan Somma-Hammel/Staten Island Advance

The Staten Island Advance team spotted this amazing work of lawn art featuring Tarzan, dinosaurs, and wild animals. Yes, it is a show stopper and a game changer. So it's time to step up your game, other boroughs. Decorate your stoops, fire escapes, courtyards, tree pits... whatever you've got, and send us along your photos if you pass by anything even 10% as insane as the above. Because wouldn't you much rather walk by a pink flamingo in a top hat than... nothing?

As for the SI homeowner behind the display, she said, "I saw the statue online and I knew it would fit in. I figured ‘Jurassic Park’ and Tarzan would go well together." And the Advance adds, "She patiently awaits the arrival of a pterodactyl and a dinosaur with horns atop its head."