A creative revolution is underway. Blockchain technology democratizes industries by introducing transparency and driving innovation, and Bushwick-based startup Voice is leveraging NFTs as a way to empower creators to capture and share their digital expressions on their own terms.

The company is launching a carbon-neutral NFT marketplace built specifically for emerging creators, with a focus on introducing an entirely new audience to the powerful technology.

Voice is building alongside creatives who help inform the platform’s development. One unique partnership takes form in a virtual residency, curated by a group of established creators. One such group is led by writer, curator, and activist Kimberly Drew, who selected a group of New York City area creators to explore the transformative opportunities connected to NFTs.

Drew’s artists are exploring a mix of mediums to share personal stories under the theme of ‘Raise Our Voice,’ a unifying call to uplift the collective point of view. This collection and more will drop exclusively on Voice later this fall.

Anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of NFTs can make an account and put their work up for sale on Voice — without needing to explore the depths of cryptocurrency or pay upfront fees.

Visit voice.com to start your creative collection and discover the unlimited possibilities of NFTs.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Voice and Gothamist staff.