The big movie opening this weekend is the movie version of Starsky and Hutch starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, and Gothamist has to say, if you love Ben and Owen's chemistry (think Meet the Parents... Zoolander...), go see it (or just go because Snoop Dogg steals the film). E! Online has a great question and answer with the pair in their feature, "Guffaw and Order"; E! asked Wilson about singing the David Soul hit, "Don't Give Up On Us, Baby" (lyrics; here's a short sound file of the song):

You know, that was a choice I made, going for that soulless sound. I have to admit, when we were filming that scene and I had to sing for Carmen [Electra] and Amy [Smart], it was awkward--just seeing their expressions. You know when somebody shows you their baby, and you think the baby is not very cute but you try to smile anyway? That's how they looked. I could just see their interest in me flicker out--if it was ever there to begin with.

Also, Gothamist wants to note that Carmen Electra is a better actress than Amy Smart: When they are called to make out, Carmen really gets into it.

Roger Ebert wonders if Stiller and Wilson are the new Hope and Crosby/Martin and Lewis in his three-star review. And Elvis Mitchell has fun mentioning The Fader, The Cure, John Holmes, and the Love Boat plus other movie references in his positive review of Starsky & Hutch: "Mr. Wilson has really become the stoner's version of James Garner, and his most charming asset continues to be his combination of good manners and ecstasy-flavored narcissism." Word. But Salon's Stephanie Zacharek thinks the movie "poops out before it gets going." She did, however, like the dragon scene. "Grrrr!"