Who wants a personal tour of Central Park from Kevin Bacon? Well, you can sort of get that, though it won't put you any degrees closer to the actor. The NY Post reports that Bacon, along with a slew of other NY-based celebs like Yoko Ono, Jerry Seinfeld, Isabella Rossellini, Alec Baldwin and Whoopi Goldberg will "share bits of history, trivia and personal remembrances about the park's many landmarks on a new audio tour visitors can access with their cellphones" (samples here). The mobile tour launched today, with signs containing the number posted throughout the park. At the Naumburg Bandshell Paul Shaffer will tell you about the strait-laced commissioners only approving of classical music, he says "It took until the 1920s for parkgoers to enjoy what today we know of as popular music." Now, if only we could add recent GPS navigator Homer Simpson to the audio.