With Martha Stewart's new morning show debut this morning, as well as her version of The Apprentice - with more fresh flowers! - next Wednesday, Gothamist has been thinking about how her offices at the Starrett-Lehigh Building on West 26th Street (the massive brick and windowed structure that takes up a block at West 26th Street and Eleventh Avenue) have been transformed into television heaven. Because it's not just the studio for the show, but also where the Apprentice contestants are living! In the current issue of In Touch (uh, yes, we're ashamed), there are pictures of how the warehouse space has been converted for reality living; it all seems very tasteful and Martha, though the sleeping areas might not have windows (but we can't totally tell). We remember the Starrett-Lehigh Building when it was a hotbed of dot-com activity, most notably Inside.com, and the jobs offers were flying out of there...but Gothamist still wasn't convinced that the late-night shuttle van would really be that effective in pre-Crobar 2000. We're partial to the SLB, but what would you pick, living on West 26th and 11th Avenue or at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue?

Gawker liveblogged today's episode of Martha: "Opening with a monologue. 'I am unfettered, I am free, no ankle bracelets.' Explains that all producers and staff have fake ankle bracelets, which comes off more uncomfortable than funny." Last year, some folks visited the SLB through Open House New York, like WhatISee and Youngna. Here's more info on the building from NYC Architecture. People generally have a chance to visit for photo shoots or weddings, and if you do get an invite for something at 601 West 26th Street, do go: The views go on forever.

Photograph from Nayantara's Flickr photostream