Starbucks is all over the news today, and not in a good way. Above is a clip from a protest that took place this morning, led by employees of the chain.

The employees let the cat, or maybe rat is more appropriate, out of the bag and came clean with the fact that Starbucks has a major infestation problem. The one in Union Square has dead mice and rats in the backroom, and cockroaches crawling about. One employee even says she comes in to see mice nibbling on the pastries in the morning.

That should help with your double shot mocha frappuccino addiction.

But hey, they're giving us a free Jose Gonzalez concert AND some funny provided by Eugene Mirman. Starbucks Salon concert events listing after the jump! (And remember, no matter how delicious that apple fritter looks, remember that video clip from above.)

September 8-17, 2006 @ 76 Greene Street (in SoHo between Spring & Broome)

· House of Diehl, designers of fashion-art experiences, entertainment and clothing

· Eclectic Method, a video DJ who uniquely spins videos…not records

· Ursula Rucker, a renowned spoken word artist whose lent her voice to musical groups like The Roots

· Jim Carroll famed author of The Basketball Diaries

· Eugene Mirman, acclaimed comedian & rejuvenator of the downtown New York comedy circuit

· Jose Gonzalez, internationally acclaimed artist who plays classical guitar with quiet melodies

· Buck 65: “Avant-garde" Hip Hop artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia

· And more!