2006_09_arts_salons.jpgLast night the Starbucks Salon opened with a private event for press which included a performance by Aimee Mann and free cocktails and coffee drinks. We forgot to go. We do look forward to heading out there at some point though for one of the following performances. Love 'em or hate 'em, they have some good acts coming up:

9/08 - DJ Skott Johnson & SloMo Video, Eugene Mirman, Buck 65
9/09 DJ Dom Leon & Reline 2 Microcinema, Spider (Jane Herships), L-D Section II (Lansing-Dreiden), Ammoncontact & The Life Force
9/10 DJ Cat, House of Diehl, Los Super Elegantes, Open Salon
9/11 A day of video shorts and live music.
9/12 A day of field recordings and electroacoustic music.
9/13 Music curated by Jonny Lives! during the day, Jim Carroll reading, Jonny Lives! performance
9/14 DJ Jolene, Melissa Bank, Angela McCluskey
9/15 DJ Carol C (Si*Se) & Stacey Anne Wolf-Style Psychic, Joi Cardwell, Ursula Rucker
9/16 DJ Charlie Chan, Jose Gonzalez, Kira Onodera, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels
9/17 DJ Justine D & Blairwear custom fashion , Jonathan Lethem, Electric Method, Goodnight & Farewell

The performances are free, and held at 76 Greene Street (between Spring and Broome). Check their site for more details. And let's hope the salon is rodent free.