2003_11_krugman.jpgBen McGrath looks at a beef between Times columnist Paul Krugman and investment consultant/blogger Don Luskin of poorandstupid.com in a New Yorker piece, "Blalking." Luskin met Krugman then blogged, "I have looked evil in the face. I’ve been in the same room with it. I don’t know how else to describe my feelings now except to say that I feel unclean, and I’m having to fight being afraid," leading Krugman to call Luskin "stalker-in-chief." And so on. McGrath details the escalating war between them as well as the blogosphere's introspection about what stalking really is, calling this new web-enabled stalker "blalker." Blalker. Blalker blah blah. Hmm, it makes the point, but it's not as pithy as "psycho blogger." Which Gothamist certainly is to a degree (hello, Jerry Orbach/Will Ferrell/Amy Sedaris/Anthony Bourdain).